Probate, Wills, and Estate Planning

When you need an experienced law firm you can count on us. Call our law firm for a free consultation. 361-792-3811. Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can help you with the tedious job of probate administration and distribution of the estate of a loved one whether there is a will or no will.

Our Corpus Christi probate lawyers can help with

  • Probate Administration
  • Trust Administration
  • Trust Litigation
  • Estate Planning

Our Corpus Christi probate and estate administration lawyers can help guide and counsel you through the process of whether you should open a probate or whether it is even necessary, can open the probate and designate the administrator or executor of the estate, do the inventory needed for the administration, close out the estate.

Corpus Christi probate litigation attorney Alex R. Hernandez Jr. is experienced in prosecuting and defending lawsuits against trustees, executors, and beneficiaries, including will contests, suits alleging undue influence, and suits against executors and trustees regarding the performance of their duties. Call him today for a free sit down 15 minute consultation via phone, video or in person today.

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