Will Contests and Probate Litigation

Will Contests and Probate Litigation Estate Planning Lawyer in Corpus Christi In property law, a will contest occurs when a person challenges the validity of a will. If an individual believes a will does not reflect the true intent of the testator (the party who drafted the will), they may decide to contest it. Anyone … Read more

Corpus Christi Elder Law Attorneys

Corpus Christi Elder Law Elder law is the legal practice which focuses on issues affecting elder populations. If you have a loved one in assisted living, a nursing facility, or that will be requiring long-term care within the next few years, you will need someone to help you plan ahead. Our firm can walk you … Read more

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process after someone dies of: 1) Reading the will (if there is one) 2) Entering that will into the courts 3) Proving that will is valid 4) Naming the executor/administrator or person in charge of the will and the assets of the estate 5) Appraising property 6) Paying debts and taxes … Read more

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